• Welcome to my site. I’m Max Rashbrooke, a writer based in Wellington, New Zealand.

    As well listing my past works, this site details my two main ongoing projects. The first concerns economic inequality. I have written and edited several works on the causes and consequences of income and wealth inequality, and their potential solutions. My major edited work, Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, was republished in updated form in late 2018, having first been published in 2013.

    The second project is on the renewal of democracy – in particular, the failure of much of the privatisation and outsourcing of recent decades, and the potential for much deeper democracy to deliver us the kind of government we need in the twenty-first century. My book Government for the Public Good: The Surprising Science of Large-Scale Collective Action was published by Bridget Williams Books in September 2018.

    This site also contains background information about myself and my work, and contact details for people wanting to engage me as a speaker. You can see more of my ongoing writing at another site I maintain, The Good Society. Thank you for visiting.

    – Max Rashbrooke