• Big step for Living Wage Wellington

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    Great news: Wellington City councillors have voted unanimously for a report on the Living Wage to be prepared, as follows:

    “to inform the annual plan deliberations on a proposed Council commitment to support a Living Wage. The report should advise on the following key points:

    ·       Whether Wellington city council should support the principle of a Living Wage for Wellington

    ·       The costs and benefits of Council moving to a living Wage for all directly employed and contracted staff, and possible options for a staged implementation plan

    ·       The most appropriate roles for Council to play to support an encourage Wellington businesses citywide to become Living Wage employers.”

    It seems like a majority of councillors back not just the report but also the bigger step of actually implementing the Living Wage, so fingers crossed…

    Max Rashbrooke


    Max is an author, academic and journalist working in Wellington, New Zealand, where he writes about politics, finance and social issues. Sign up to Max's mailing list.

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