• How to fight the ‘poor are lazy’ stereotype: with humour

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    The idea that most of the world’s failings are down to irresponsible poor people is a familiar one, but rarely has it been dealt with better than here.

    On a Stuff story about people failing to recycle, a commenter has somehow managed to wedge in their own angry views about feckless poor people, to wit: “Yep, its all the poor and lazy people, who don’t know how to recycle. These people shoud be heavily finned for putting rubbish in the bags or the bins.”

    To which the response was, by another commenter: “Man, I’m poor and often lazy but I would LOVE to be heavily finned. I would get SO MUCH swimming done.”

    Genius, no?

    Max Rashbrooke


    Max is an author, academic and journalist working in Wellington, New Zealand, where he writes about politics, finance and social issues. Sign up to Max's mailing list.

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