• Economic inequality

    I have written and edited several works on income and wealth inequality in New Zealand, all of which have contributed to and shaped a growing debate on economic imbalances in this country.

    In June 2013, Bridget Williams Books (BWB) published Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis, which I edited, and which examines the striking growth in the rich-poor divide during the last 30 years, its effects on society, and how it might be reversed. It has been republished, in updated form, in late 2018.

    Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis generated widespread discussion and numerous reviews, articles and comments, some of which can be found here. Since the book’s publication, public interest in inequality has continued to rise, and it remains – according to public polling – one of the single biggest issues facing the country.

    In July 2014, BWB published The Inequality Debate: An Introduction, a short guide to income imbalances in New Zealand, and in November 2015 Wealth and New Zealand, which contained ground-breaking analysis of asset inequality. The Inequality: A New Zealand Conversation site has further information on these issues.

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